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Anand Niketan was founded, to create a place where all individuals can develop their individuality in a socially acceptable manner, for the benefit of the society. The aim was and will always be that quality education should be available at all levels and for all. With the foundational belief that students are like seeds, we make all efforts to nurture students, instilling proficiency in them through learning activities, thus honing their skills and helping them grow into a complete tree. Sincerely desiring to return childhood to children and bring out the best in them, we advocate the creation of an environment, where joy of work and co-operation are the key motivating factors. We, at Anand Niketan, firmly believe that the role of adults as teachers and parents, is to nurture the inherent values and qualities present in each child. We will continue to make our efforts in providing the best that education can give through:

  • Recognizing the potential in students.
  • Realizing students’ dreams.
  • Rejoicing in students’ success.

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