- We value the Performing Arts.

  • Children are trained in different dance forms, art forms and efforts are made to hone their musical ability.

- They are provided a platform to display their skills on varied occasions such as:

  • inter house competitions
  • celebration of different national/religious festivals
  • the annual function of the school

- The school picnic also focuses on learning experiences.

  • The students are taken to locations that will help create environment consciousness as well as expose them to life and the culture of the people, the history and geography of the area.

- In the field of sports, the students are given an opportunity to take part in inter house competitions in:

  • Skating,
  • Football,
  • Basketball,
  • Gymnastics,
  • Table tennis,
  • Throw ball,
  • Athletics

in spacious open grounds, with the required infrastructure and well-qualified faculty. We have networked with personnel from EduSports, who have brought in their expertise and sports equipment, to create physical fitness and train our students in varied sports activities

House System

The school promotes leadership, sportsman spirit and teamwork that help students to prepare for the bigger competition that they will have to face, when they move into the larger society. The four houses of the school and the values attached to them are:

Trees stay balanced even when they shed leaves

Challenges in life teaches us a new lesson

Various colours
create a new vibrancy to all

The warmth of the sun reaches out everywhere


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